Why We Love Lions Mane

Lion's mane mushrooms are regarded as a brain boosting superfood, packed with tons of benefits. From helping improve memory, to boosting your immune system, here are 4 reasons why we love lion's mane and what we think you need to know!

1) Big Brain Boost:

As an adaptogen, lion's mane can naturally improve cognitive performance, especially when it comes to memory and visual recognition. It has been to shown to help stimulate cell growth in the brain.

2) Fight Inflammation:

Similar to turmeric, lion’s mane is a powerful anti-inflammatory, thanks to the antioxidant and polysaccharides. BYE chronic inflammation.

3) Healthy Immunity:

Research shows lion's mane increases immunity in the intestines. As a result, it protects the body from pathogens that enter through the nose and mouth. Hello better health & wellness.

4) Mental Wellness:

Lion’s mane mushrooms also can aid a healthy mind and lower anxiety. Studies have found that lion’s mane helps our brain filter good moods and emotions, similarly to cacao in chocolate!

So We Add It To ONO For You!

Lion's mane is believed to help improve memory and cognition, increase focus, and is a strong anti-inflammatory. In Eastern medicine, it's been used to aid stomach and digestion issues making it a perfect addition to kickstart your morning :)